Get a good guy, and then get his hot friend.

You haven't done laundry or dishes in a while, let's give you a guy to do that. We've got thousands upon thousands of guys lined up and ready to be your servant because they never read TRP's sidebar. And then there's a guy named GayLubeOil for when you get bored of doormats.


Bored of the current model? No problem! Trade-up when ever you want. With our new Branch-Swing technology, you don't even have to break up with him, our app will automatically dump the chump as soon as a new connection is made.

Chore-Play Included

Check off your list of favorite chores that put you in the mood. Match only with men who have identified as able to complete these tasks. Maximize your sex life unlike ever before.

Dating not Working?

It's okay, you don't need to change anything, you're perfect just the way you are! Plus, you don't need no man. Maybe it's time for some me-time.

 New Friend-Zone Filter

New Friend-Zone Filter

We've put an incredible about of research and testing into our new patent-pending Friend-Zone Filter, which automatically monitors your active interest in your matches and turns on an auto-responder for those detected in the friend zone. No more awkward conversations with guys because you're too nice to let them down. The chat feature will automatically carry on lengthy conversations with them as if they were actually talking to you!

Founding Developers

We've got your best interest at heart and in no way is this just a clever guise to line up women for GayLubeOil. And that's a guarantee!
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Don't worry about your looks or age, it literally doesn't matter.

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